"GLOB" Tools Factory Co. Ltd runs one of the most modern welding department of band saws in Poland. We started in 2003. Since the beginning we used only the most recent welding machines; first Taylor-Winfield, Temelsan and now the newset welding machines IDEAL along with accessories.Modern machinery has been moved to the new headquarters of our company in Bielsko-Biala at 452 Sobieskiego St. Bandsaw blade welding dept. is equipped with 8 modern welders.With modern machinery, we can offer welding of the following bands for our customers:- Bandsaws carbon steel for wood in the range from 6 to 50mm wide,- Knives band in the range from 6 to 50mm wide, - Bi- metallic MK MORSE bandsaws for cutting steel in the range from 6 to 67mm wide.1

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