Tools Factory " GLOB " Ltd. is a company with years of experience . It was established in 1996 on the basis of Plant Snow Ski Lifts " POLSPORT " .

GLOB production includes:

  • Blades: hand hacksaw, power hacksaw, miter hacksaw and sabre hacksaw blades,
  • Band knives and cutting bands,
  • Band saw baldes for wood cutting and band saw blades for metal cutting,
  • Planing knives and industrial knives,
  • Authoring system of adapters for angle grinders suitable for different applications: grinding, polishing, matting, etc.,
  • Abrasives for adapters and power tools,
  • Saws: masonry, crosscutting and garden saws
  • Plannes for wood: scrub planes, jack planes, smoothing planes,
  • Ski lifts: snow with high and low ropes running, portable ski lifts, water ski lifts, spare parts (repair, upgrades of ski lifts).
Our portfoilo includes many other products . Their high quality allows our company to grow constantly and our products with well known brand are exported to many European countries (Lithuania , Latvia , Ukraine , Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia , Russia), the countries of northern Africa and Asia.

Tools Factory " GLOB " Ltd. also performs a range of services:

  • Welding and regeneration of band saws, band knives.
  • Service of power tools and magnetic drills.
  • Production of the magnet base for magnetic drills.
  • Water-jet, laser, plasma cutting.
  • Sheet metal bending, turning, CNC milling, welding, induction hardening.
  • Repairs and modernization of ski lifts.

We cooperate with the following companies:

  • MK Morse (USA ): bi-metal band saw blades for metal cutting, band saw blades for wood cutting, bi-metal hacksaw blades, bi-metal holes, circular saws for metal cutting „cold cut” MetalDev
  • Evolution Power Tools (UK) : drills with magnet base, annular cutters, saws for steel cutting with carbide discs, multi-purpose cutters for cutting of steel profiles, aluminum, wood, plastic, concrete saws, straight grinders.
  • Femi (IT): band saws for metal cutting
  • AGP: power tools for polishing, grinding, matting and beveling
  • EXACT Tools Oy (Finland ): precision cutting of pipes. Our product range includes professional and universal tools.

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